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Change in Perspective

I was on a prayer walk the other day just feeling like garbage— physically, spiritually, emotionally and every which way. It was early in the morning, so I walked and talked and cried out loud to God.

He listened attentively.

I got to a point in my lament in which I didn’t have more to say. I looked ahead on the path and felt dread upon seeing black clouds.

It’s May. It’s Spring. Why doesn’t it look like it? Also why are the things that are bothering me not resolved? Things are not as they should be.

I came to a crosswalk and waited my turn to walk. As I dwelled upon the darkness, I suddenly realized that I could see my shadow on the ground. Confused, as all I could see in front of me was darkness, I turned around and was met with great light. The sun was so bright, I had to raise my hand over my eyes so I could see.

As my vision adjusted, I was in awe at the watercolor sunrise that embraced me. Bright blue mixed with light yellow and white from the clouds. This video doesn’t capture it all.

Here He is. In the middle of colder whether and uncomfortable circumstances. Here He is.

Sometimes the peace we seek requires us to change our perspective. More specifically, it requires us to ask the Father to give us His perspective, to show us what He sees and thinks about every given moment of our lives.

The goal isn’t to find the answers. It’s to find the Father, or better said, let the Father find us. Instead of seeking for answers in the midst of uncontrollable situations and seasons, can we have the humility to slow our roll, turn around, and receive the One who never ceases to pursue our hearts that oh too often tend to wander?

Photo from Icod de los Vinos, Tenerife taken by the Hubs

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