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Misconceptions About Traditional Catholicism Series Introduction

As someone who attends the TLM, I understand all the stereotypes as well as the reservations people have about traditional Catholicism. I stayed away from traditional Catholicism for a long time, not because of the liturgy but because of the people.

The true beauty of our Catholic faith and tradition is seen when we can properly root it in our given reality. I think in TLM communities, you more easily find individuals who practice the faith superstitiously, speak the truth without any ounce of charity, or don’t lead well integrated faith life.

Yet I also find there are unfair double standards often imposed on traditional Catholics. Now, I get it, when you propose high standards you are then subsequently held to higher standards. However, I do see a lot of judgements and assumptions being made from the peanut gallery.

I myself realized that I held many judgements and double standards about traditional Catholics based off of my own insecurities or bad experiences with individuals.

I’m gonna dedicate a few posts to addressing some of these common complaints in hopes to honor the faith of TLM goers. What I have encountered and what I strive to live out, is a diverse group of people from all walks of life (just like a normal norvus ordo parish), who are deeply committed to honoring God through reverent and right liturgy. I hope to provide a glimpse into that reality here on my blog and Instagram.

If you have a specific stereotype or critique of traditional Catholics or the TLM. Drop it in the comments below and I will make a post to address your comment! Stay tuned for more posts :)))))

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